Meet the Gang


Our story begins in 2072 with our gang of four wandering the world, searching for answers. A decade ago, their native country of Sol, previously known as Bridger, was conquered by the Solana family through a coup during the summer solstice. Since the takeover, the nation has risen as the world’s lone superpower. Environmental destruction has dramatically increased from battles with neighboring countries. The nation’s strongest and brightest are kidnapped and forced to join the army. Even education has morphed into Sol-approved scriptures.

Hidden amongst societal decay, we find our group of protagonists managing trauma in their own unique way while searching for a way to feel whole.


Reia and her family were captured early on and became soldiers due to their reputation of martial arts mastery. Everyone eventually perished in war except for herself, her older brother and her younger brother Kai.

During a routine city takeover, Reia and Kai went AWOL and became fugitives at 13 and 11 respectively. For the next few years, they lived in abandoned houses with other fugitives, the occasional martial arts instructor, or wherever the wind took them.

LIKES: Seafood, reading, stargazing

DISLIKES: RomComs, being interrupted, jokes about Groundhog Day

BIRTHDAY: February 2nd, 3:11PM

Reia's theme: Japanese Breakfast- Slide Tackle


Kai has a talent for maintaining a youthful optimism despite his circumstances. While he and his sister have faced countless challenges over the years, he is unwavering in his belief that they can build a stable life and rescue their brother.

LIKES: Martial arts, swimming, anime

DISLIKES: Board games, small talk

BIRTHDAY: April 17th, 3:30PM

Kai's theme: Kenny Mason- HIT


Gumbo, who's real name is Beau, was dealt a bad hand from the start. He was raised in an abusive family with an alcoholic father. When he was 13, his hometown of Nebula City was conquered by the Sol brigade. During the attack, he was abandoned by his family and left for dead. In the years since, he's lived in forests, learning how to hunt and cook to survive. This lead to his nickname within the group as he's the only one who knows how to cook.

LIKES: Meditating, cooking

DISLIKES: Tight spaces, bad jokes

BIRTHDAY: December 3rd, 10:02AM

Gumbo's theme: Isabelle Antena- Say I Believe in It


Not much is known about Luna. The final addition to the gang, she was discovered by the crew during a bar fight in which she defeated 10 bounty hunters with zero effort. A wanderer herself, she joined the group off a whim as she had, "nothin' better to do."

LIKES: Korean BBQ, Riverdale, fighting

DISLIKES: Reading, country music

BIRTHDAY: May 8th, 8:08PM

Luna's theme: Rina Sawayama- STFU!